Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kammuri Hammers China's Akoya

akoya pearls from dead oysters It seems like the Chinese cannot catch a break these days. Last August, the southern coast of China and home to the Chinese akoya industry was hammered by a typhoon that filled the rivers that dumped too much freshwater into the saline bays resulting in immediate death to nearly all akoya mollusks at pearl farms up and down the coast.

Last year's devastating loss brought the industry nearly to its knees. Total losses were in the range of 80%. The trickle-down effect throughout the industry is still being felt as suddenly even Japan is running low on pearls; in large part because the Japanestyphoon over China's akoya industrye have been secretly importing so much of their akoya stock from China.

Well somewhere, sometime, somehow, someone in China did something pretty bad in August because Karma is a true bitch! Almost exactly one year later the same area is getting hammered once again. Kammuri is dumping rain and doing its best to rip to shreds the tattered remains of of the Chinese akoya industry.

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